Home Staging

Home staging is a form of marketing in real estate, and translates into the art of preparing a property that is to be sold or rented on the marketplace. It is the art of making a home as attractive and as inviting as possible in order to maximize its market value for a quick sale at a competitive price.

Home staging has recently been growing in Italy, whereas it is a well-known and popular marketing technique abroad, from Canada to the USA to Holland,Sweden,France, Portugal and Spain. American research figures confirm that a property that undergoes a home staging restoration can be sold at up to a 15% higher price than another property that has not been staged.

An owner, who has been living in the same house for a long period of time, may be unable to spot what needs to be improved on the property. An in-depth study of the layout of the rooms, lighting and space in the house is essential...at first glance, this might seem easy, but an expert eye truly does make a difference. A home staging expert will identify and emphasize the property's best features, enhance each space with the right colours, details and accessories.

The home stager will go the opposite direction of an interior designer, the home stager will "depersonalize" the property rather than customize it. Francesca Poggi loves the challenges of home staging and is committed to finding the best solutions to all her projects.